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Wedding Dress Ruffles Bridal Dresses with Belt Wedding Gown Lace Bride Dresses V Neck


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● Zipper closure
● Tips: There are 5cm you can modify when dress is small for you. JAEDEN measurements for detailed sizing information on left. Available in full size range (Size 2- Size 28) and in custom sizing
● Backless Wedding Dresses Organza Wedding Gown Ruffles Bridal Gown
● Material: High Quality Soft, Smooth, Comfortable Organza Fabric
● Design: V Neck, Backless, Appliques, Sleeveless, A line Style
● Occasion: Wedding, Receipt, Party


Handmade Achieve Dream Dress

Our Dream of Making Dress

  • My hometown is a removed village located in middle of China. When I was a child, my grandmother used do a lot of tailoring work for my sister and I, since we are not even able to afford buying a new dress. When I was 9 years old, we got our first TV set- black and white. I love watching fashion show a lot.
  • One day, I saw a pop music star wearing a white tulle ball gown dress, dancing and turning around all the time. I admired her a lot, and I begged my grandmother to tailor a dress for me. Grandmother agreed at last even though she seldom see dress in real life, only in the TV. We do not have material for dress that time, she used the net of my mother’s dress, and tailored a white ball gown dress for me. I can still remember how it looks like. At that moment, I feel like I am a princess. Also, my dream of being a dress designer started ever since.
  • After I graduated from the fashion design of Hunan City university, I start work in JAEDEN bridal factory in Suzhou City. 7 years of working experience makes me full, I was very delighted to see that more and more bridal was wearing my dresses. And we have gained many followers from all over the world through our shop.


Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress


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