This way your nail polish stays your whole time

This way your nail polish stays your whole time

July 2, 2018 Cosmetics 0
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The ultimate you know by now, applying nail polish neatly is the problem no longer. The first day your nail polish is perfect, day two the edges begin to peel and on the third day you are blessed with half-painted nails. This is of course not nice at all. You just want your nails to look beautiful throughout the holiday.

Of course you can paint your nails again every two days but let’s face it: we do not feel like it when we’re on vacation. That’s why we give you the tips to ensure that your nail polish stays at least twice as long. This way you have time for really nice things.

1) Ice cold water

By immersing your painted nails for a few minutes in ice-cold water, you can kill two birds with one stone: your nail polish dries faster and stays longer. The cold water ensures that your nail polish ‘stiffens’ as it were.

2) Do not soak your nails

In the manicure they often do this to make your cuticles soft. Unfortunately, no account is taken of the fact that your nails are “expanding”. This happens to hold more water, but when the nails are dry again they “shrink” and the nail polish is no longer tight on your nails.

3) Keep the nail polish away from the cuticles

Press away your cuticles. If nail polish comes on, let the nail polish easier and your nail polish also easier to chipping.

4) Use a basecoat

And if possible, a sticky basecoat. A basecoat is very important for your nails anyway. This protects them, but it also ensures that the nail polish stays twice as long.

5) An extra top coat

That a topcoat ensures that your nail polish stays longer is not a big surprise for all of us. Still, it is good to mention this tip. Coat an extra layer of topcoat over the ends of the nails. This is the place that comes the fastest.

6) No bubbles

The cause that your nail polish is peeling is often because there are air bubbles in your paint. This makes the nail polish less good. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this! Instead of shaking the jar in advance, you can better roll it between your fingers.

7) The ultimate step-by-step plan

Step 1 :

You may not notice it, but there are always fats and oils on your nails. These ensure that your nail polish will not sit well. Use a cotton swab with white vinegar to remove these fats. You do this before you apply your base coat. Dip a cotton bud in a little vinegar, and use it with your (clean) nails, before you start painting them. It ensures that all the dirt and greasiness of your nails disappears so that the nail polish adheres better.

Step 2 :

Paint your nails with a layer of base coat so that the nail polish stays in place.

Step 3 :

When the base coat is well dried, you can apply the paint. Make sure that the paint does not end up on your cuticles. Your cuticles ‘lift’ the nail polish up, as it were.

Step 4 :

The trick is not to dry your nails, but rather use cold air (use a hair dryer on the coldest setting) or rinse it with cold water.

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