The benefits of a 30-day diet of fruit juices and vegetables

The benefits of a 30-day diet of fruit juices and vegetables

July 2, 2018 Health & Fitness 0

Even though today’s 30-day juice regime has become very popular due to its dramatic effects on weight loss, it remains a radical dietary solution. The juice regime means that sugar of any kind with a solid form has been refined, and avoid any animal product such as red meat , fish , eggs and chicken . Of course, honey is no exception, usually to sweeten some of it Is used.
So, before joining the challenge of the juice regime, please read and understand the necessary measures, benefits and precautions. Also, you should consult a doctor / specialist in this area. They may prescribe vitamins or certain nutrients for you, which you will probably be deprived of in the process of juicing.

The most desirable benefits of a 30-day juice diet for health
Weight Loss
Most people are able to lose weight of 4.5 kg or more over a 7-day diet. In fact, dramatic weight loss is not always safe, so you should reduce the speed of your weight loss process. And after completing your 30-day juice diet, you need to change your daily diet to a healthier and less risky diet so your body does not regain the weight you lost.

The juice is fairly safe if it is applied in the short term, for example, three days to one week. A long-term juice diet, instead of watering down fats, causes your muscles to lose weight. Because it’s basically a fruit juicer, a weigh that falls, with loss of water and muscle.
The muscle is made up of essential amino acids made from proteins. And you will not get enough protein to eat vegetables and fruits. Therefore, it may not be worthwhile to include avocado as one of the sources of good fruits for protein in your juice diet.

Fruits and vegetables are a unique source of amino acids that fight off free radicals and other toxic substances. The best source of vitamins, enzymes and minerals that enhance the immune system. In other words, fruits and vegetables contain many therapeutic and purification properties that help the body to detoxify itself safely and safely.
Detoxification occurs throughout the body that results in the following results
– Treatment of various diseases that affect the kidneys, liver, and blood pressure
– Gastrointestinal clearing
– Fighting Cancer Cells
– Skin rejuvenation and beneficial for face color
– Removal of toxic substances and free radicals
– Strengthening the immune system
– Removing and clearing the mucus from the sinuses and lungs
– Lose excess cholesterol
– And also provide energy for the body to rebuild itself. And because in the fruit juice, fruits and vegetables are liquid and easily absorbed, they will all the fruits and vegetables’ benefits to health more effectively than to eat them in the form of non-liquid.
So, after successfully completing your 30-day-style juice diet plan, you can have a good skin, a more fit and healthy body!

Actions taken for a 30-day juice diet
Before you start the 30-day juice diet, there are a few things you need to know here. These will help you to get prepared.
1 Talk to your doctor. The work does not tarnish the tidiness.
2 Use a durable quality juicer.
3 Buy a variety of vegetables and fruits for water (preferably organic). Most green vegetables are recommended.
4 For a better taste, you can add ginger juice or lemon juice. Some vegetables do not have a good taste, so mixing them with a little honey, fruits and a little spice can help.
5 Just take the juice right when you want to eat it right away. Juices lose their nutritional value if they stay. So never drink the fruit of the envelopes that you sell in stores.
6 In addition to drinking juice, you should drink 8 glasses of water at least every day. Even though juice is also a kind of fluid, you need water to hydrate. It is better to drink purified water.
7 After completing the 30-day juice diet, try to eat low-fat juices. It takes a little time for your body to get used to non-watering foods. As a result, do not eat the right pizza on the very first day after the end of the diet! Start with fruits and vegetables first, then add grains and proteins the next day.

Fruits and vegetables suitable for drinking
Fruits and vegetables used most often for making wine are carrots , beets , celery , parsley , watermelon , apples , grapes , and lemons . Carrot has a lot of amino acids. Other fruits and vegetables that have high levels of amino acids include papaya, coconut, kiwi, peach, tomato, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, wheat grass, and the like.
All of the fruits and vegetables mentioned are numerous benefits to health in various parts of the body.

We learned about the benefits of a 30-day juice regime, but there are several side effects that you should be aware of. Nausea , stomach bloating , diarrhea , light stomach , low blood pressure , muscle weakness that causes weakness in the body. All of the above listed side effects are followed by a 30-day juice diet. So, I still emphasize, be sure to consult your doctor before following this diet.

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