Abdominal obesity and a natural remedy to eliminate it

Abdominal obesity and a natural remedy to eliminate it

July 1, 2018 Health & Fitness 0

Abdominal obesity should be taken seriously, not because your beauty and fitness are disturbing; eliminating abdominal obesity is not only important for a beautiful look, but also another important thing; abdominal fat is in fact all the organs in the back The abdomen is sticking to the heart, liver and kidneys.  The mass of fat in these organs prevents their normal functioning and, in addition, disrupts the work of the insulin hormone and increases the risk of diabetes and heart attack. If you have obese and abdominal fat, it is important, but do not be afraid, we will advise you four proven ways to fight and help eliminate this type of obesity.

Eating coconut oil

Perhaps, until two decades, coconut oil was known to be harmful because of high saturated fat content, but recent studies have shown that coconut oil reduces local obesity, as well as some studies have shown that coconut oil consumption has increased Cholesterol will be useful in the blood. Use coconut oil to replace other oils that have a pleasant smell and good taste in the mouth.

Drink green tea

The benefits of green tea are numerous. Green tea is associated with reducing the risk of cancer due to its potent antioxidant effect, as well as improving memory and helping to improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Many studies have also highlighted the effectiveness of green tea on slimming.

Taking vitamin D supplementation

One of the most important benefits of vitamin D is the effect of weight loss . Studies at the University of Minnesota have shown that people who have a good balance of vitamin D in their diet are more likely to lose weight than others. Vitamin is from sunlight, enriched milk, and the consumption of vegetable butter and fish that can be received by the body.

Avoid using fructose sugar and bisphenol

Many supplements and syrups contain fructose and bisphenol. Usually, people add to these supplements to improve their health, which increases the chance of finding local abdominal obesity due to elevated levels of insulin levels. These two substances are also found in many processed products and canned goods. So be careful about choosing these products.

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